Why Earn Certification?

Certification Benefits Nurses, Employers, and the Patients We Care For

Why become CMSRN Certified?

Hear from certificants why you should become CMSRN certified!


Benefits for the Nurse

If you are new to certification, let us introduce you to the benefits and how it can increase your professional growth and credibility.

  • Becoming certified is one of the most positive and powerful achievements for a nursing professional. 
  • Certification is the recognized path for nurses to build and demonstrate commitment, confidence, and credibility. 
  • Certification validates your expert, specialized knowledge, and enables you to maintain an innovative edge in your career.
  • The confidence and satisfaction you gain by becoming certified allows you to demonstrate your professional commitment to promoting quality patient care.
  • Employers notice this commitment, increasing your earning power as well garnering respect from patients and colleagues.

We invite you to become a part of a community of your certified peers who are committed to their nursing practice. We think you will agree that becoming certified is one of the most positive and powerful achievements you will obtain during your nursing career.

If you think your manager or institution would be interested in participating in our FailSafe Certification Program, which offers institutional benefits related to certification, please visit our business solutions section for further information.

Benefits for the Employer

Are you considering supporting your nurses in their pursuit of certification? Do you foster a professional environment where certification is encouraged and rewarded? Here are some of the reasons you should be promoting certification in all your medical-surgical nurses.

  • Certified nurses have a positive impact on patient care and patient safety.
  • Employing certified nurses validates to patients and families that nursing staff has obtained a high level of experience, knowledge, and skills.
  • A facility staffed by certified nurses in turn attracts more qualified nurses.
  • Employers who support nurses in certification and education benefit from a higher nurse retention rate.
  • Certified nurses are essential to achieving and maintaining American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet® Recognition.

According to the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC) position statement on The Value of Nursing Specialty Certification, employers should:

  • Seek certified nurses for their workforce.
  • Support nurses in their efforts to achieve or maintain certification.
  • Inform patients and the public about the certification status of their workforce.
  • Encourage nurses to display their certification credentials.
  • Market the accomplishments of certified nurses.

For more information on employer benefits of certification, visit our business solutions section.

Benefits for the Patient/Public

Why should your nurse be certified? When you look for a doctor, auto mechanic, or accountant, you make sure they are certified, right? 

You should also expect your nurse to be certified. Why? Because certification means your nurse has worked at least two years in nursing and has taken a test to prove that she understands how to give you quality care.

Plus, your certified nurse must keep current by reading and participating in education activities to continue the certification. Certified nurses know what they are talking about and how to give you and your loved ones the best possible care.

We believe that registered nurses who are certified impact patients' care in a positive way. Certification is the recognized way for nurses to build and demonstrate commitment, confidence, and credibility.

Please visit the Help Center with any questions you may have about Certification.

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