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AMSN Invests Back in Our Members Through Grants and Scholarships

AMSN MembersWe are proud of the accomplishments of our members and believe in supporting you so you can develop your career and achieve your goals. Learn more about the different AMSN grants and scholarships we offer our members, then apply for the grant or scholarship opportunity that is best for you!

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for all AMSN Grants/Scholarships, unless specified otherwise under the Additional Criteria column in the chart below.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Member of AMSN for 1 year at time of application date
  • May not be awarded more than one award, grant or scholarship of any kind from AMSN in one calendar year
  • Share how grant/scholarship has advanced your professional practice
  • May not be a current member of the AMSN or MSNCB Executive Boards, Scholarship & Awards Committee, or AMSN/MSNCB staff
  • Submissions received after the application deadline will not be considered.

To Apply

To submit an application for an AMSN grant or scholarship, click on the "Apply Now" link in the table below. You will need to log in using your AMSN website/membership login. If you do not have an AMSN website/membership login, you will be prompted to create one before you can continue to the application.

In the event you cannot complete the application in one sitting, your login and password allow you to return to your application at any time during the open application period and your progress will be saved. The links are active during the application period only.


Grants & Scholarships
Annual Application Period
Additional Criteria
Award and Number Given Annually
Higher Education Scholarship
Jan 1 - Feb 28
This scholarship may not be awarded to individuals who have received it within the last 2 years. (Ex. If you won the scholarship in 2020, you are not eligible again until 2022.) Upon notification of being a scholarship recipient, applicant must supply proof of enrollment at an accredited college or university.
Up to six (6) $3,000 scholarships
CMSRN Certification Grants: Provide funding for exam registration to become CMSRN® certified. Recipients have one (1) year from the date they are notified that they are a grant recipient to take the exam.
Applications are open all year or until 12 grants are awarded for the calendar year.
12 per calendar year
CMSRN Recertification Grants: Provides funding for CMSRN recertification application fee.
Applications are open all year or until 12 grants are awarded for the calendar year.
12 per calendar year
AMSN Student Scholarship
September 1 - November 30
For current prelicensure nursing students (LPN/LVN, ADN, Diploma, or BSN program).
Up to (10) $1,000 scholarships
AMSN General Needs Grant
Emergency Grants are intended to assist with unexpected expenses incurred directly by our members. Recipient can not have received an AMSN grant or scholarship within the past 12 months.
Up to $599 each grant


AMSN firmly believes in advancing the art and science of medical-surgical nursing through research and evidence-based practice (EBP). Through the awarding of two grants, we promote the use of evidence-based practice, the dissemination of research, the sharing of information, and education that will enhance the quality of patient care provided by medical-surgical nurses.

Our program supports research and investigations conducted by novice and junior researchers. Preference is given to research that aligns with our research priorities.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a devastating illness affecting mainly young adults. The Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses (AMSN) along with Philips Healthcare was instrumental in assisting my research in the area of MS symptom management. The grant writing process and funds made available through this research grant provided additional professional opportunities. I am grateful for the research award."   ~Pamela K. Newland, PhD, RN, CMSRN, NRSA

Nursing Research Grant

This grant provides funds for research that is relevant to medical-surgical nurses, their practice and/or their practice environment.

Application Periods:

  • Winter: February 1 – March 31
  • Summer: August 1 – September 30

Cecelia Gatson Grindle Evidence-Based Practice Grant

This grant supports evaluation of practice changes in medical-surgical nursing that have been developed using an evidence-based practice approach conducted by both beginning and experienced investigators.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for all AMSN Research Grants:

  • Must be a member of AMSN at the time of application and during the entire length of the research project
  • Must be the principal investigator and actively involved in some aspect of care, education, or research for the medical-surgical patient
  • Preference is given to a project that involves nurses in the design and implementation of a research activity that promotes theoretically-based medical-surgical health practice
  • Recipient will be expected to share how this award has advanced their professional practice
  • Recipient will be expected to disseminate research findings to medical-surgical nurses through one or more channels, such as:
    • an article published in MEDSURG Nursing (recipient must follow submission process outlined by MEDSURG Nursing Journal)
    • a podium or poster presentation at the AMSN Convention (Recipient must follow Convention Presentation submission process)
    • other method(s) to be pre-approved by the AMSN research review board

Application Periods:

  • Winter: February 1 – March 31
  • Summer: August 1 – September 30

NOTE: AMSN does not fund projects that are nearly completed, payment of tuition, institutional indirect costs, and travel for convention attendance or presentation.

Award and Number Given Annually

A limited number of awards are available each calendar year. Value of each award is up to $10,000. Subject to funding availability.



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