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August 05, 2021  Online


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September 30, 2021 

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CEO's Corner - Nursing Leadership
AMSN PRISM Award® Pricing Increase
Research Shows the Public Values Specialty Certification
Participate in a "Caring in Crisis" Research Survey
It's Member Appreciation Month
Implicit and Explicit Bias
The Future is Now for Nurse Wellbeing

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Our Pledge To End Racism

AMSN recently released a statement stating our commitment to end racism. We invite members to share, in their own words, their commitment to stopping racism.

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Med-Surg Nurse Life Magazine

AMSN members may view the digital edition of MED-SURG Nurse Life Magazine on virtually any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Members receive the magazine as part of their membership benefits package.

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Participate in Open Research Studies

Researchers greatly appreciate your participation and your invaluable insight on these worthwhile projects. AMSN promotes Research Studies that we believe will benefit our members and medical-…

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Unit Award - AMSN PRISM Award®

The AMSN PRISM Award® Premier Recognition In the Specialty of Med-surg   What is The AMSN PRISM Award? The AMSN PRISM Award is co-sponsored by the Academy…

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