Leadership and Governance

Leadership is a Cornerstone of AMSN and MSNCB

Leadership and governance are what make an association tick. Simply put, leadership + governance = people using their decision-making skills in conjunction with the governing documents that dictate how to run the organization. Governance determines how the association will conduct business and effective leadership is critical to the success of an organization. 

The leadership structure of AMSN and MSNCB includes Boards of Directors and Volunteer Units for each organization.The BOD provides strategic direction, and the Volunteer Units assist with the execution.

Strategic Direction

The Boards of Directors of AMSN and MSNCB develop strategic plans to guide and direct activities, programs, alliances, and collaborations of the organizations. Learn more about our strategic initiatives.

Boards of Directors

AMSN and MSNCB are led by a board of directors who manage the strategic direction of the associations. Meet the AMSN Board of Directors and the MSNCB Board of Directors.

Volunteer Units

The work of volunteers serving on AMSN and MSNCB committees and task forces is critical to the success of the associations. Additionally, volunteering provides opportunities for members and certificants to network and grow professionally. Learn more about AMSN and MSCNB Volunteer Units.


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