Member Appreciation Month

Happy Member Appreciation Month! And wow is there a lot to appreciate.



In the last year, you’ve worked long hours, wearing more PPE - some of it homemade, used, or past its expiration date.

You’ve worked on COVID units and non-COVID units, through staffing shortages, the loss of patients and loved ones with hope and determination that we would make it through to better days. And all while taking care of your family and your loved ones. And then you got up and did it again.

  • You also found joy in unexpected places. 
  • You nurtured a new generation of nurses starting their practice in unprecedented times.
  • You maintained your sense of humor. 
  • You fostered resilience.
  • You held each other up. 
  • You got certified! 
  • You started a new job.
  • You are incredible.

AMSN exists because of your resilience, fortitude, and curiosity. Your patience, humor, strength, compassion, and commitment set you apart from the rest.

Thank you for being a member of AMSN.

This month, keep an eye out for special gifts to your email, in your mailbox, and on social media.

You know what? Let’s keep it going the whole year.

After all, AMSN turns 30 this year. Thirty years of celebrating, honoring, uplifting, teaching, sharing, and supporting med-surg nurses all over the globe.

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