Purchase the Site License for Online Certification Review Course

Give Your Nurses Access to the Online CRC Course

Facilities may purchase licenses to the AMSN Certification Review Course in the AMSN Online Library at a quantity discount for their nurses who are preparing for the CMSRN medical-surgical certification exam.

Each license gives the user unlimited access to the multimedia course content anywhere there is internet access. Access includes handouts downloadable for printing and MP3 audio files for listening.

Users who complete the course and evaluation within the CE expiration date will receive the available contact hours.

A site license is only $100 per user, with a minimum purchase of 5 or more users. Individual purchase is $199 each for non-members.

Complete the Site License purchase order form and send it in with payment for the number of users for your facility. AMSN will send access codes and instructions to the facility contact person within 10 business days.

Questions? Call AMSN at 866-877-2676 or email CRC@amsn.org

Frequently Asked Questions about the AMSN Facility Site License Program

Q. How long is the code good for?

A. Code for the edition of the CRC you received is good forever.  Content can be viewed forever.

Q. How long are the CNE Contact Hours available?

A. CE is available until expiration date stated in AMSN Online Library for that edition.

Q. Can we preview the course?

A. Yes, you can “Preview” 15 minutes of each day of the 2 day course. Click on CRC, see course page. Then click on Day 1 or Day 2. Click on Play arrow in course image.

Q. Do you need an account in the AMSN Online Library to preview the course?

A. No, you don’t need an account to play the Previews.

Q. Do I have to use my work computer to access the course?

A. No. Access to the course is based on the account you are logged into (username and password). It has nothing to do with the device (computer or tablet or smart phone). You can view at work or home.

Q. What is the process for the Site License purchase?

A. Download the Site License purchase order form. The initial purchase can be for 5 users and above. If you need to add additional users later, you will need to make another purchase of at least 5 more users.

After payment is submitted and processed, the Online Library Program Manager sets up codes for you to distribute to the nurses you have chosen to access the course. The Program Manager will contact you via email with the codes. Please allow 10 business days from receipt of your paid order.

Q. I still have unused licenses and now there is a new edition of the course. Can my unused licenses be transferred to the new edition?

A. Site License Codes are always issued for the most recent edition of the course and should be used promptly. When a course is replaced with a new edition, user licenses cannot be transferred to the new edition.

Q.  We have a group of RNs who would like to do a group webinar type of review. Would this option lend itself to that?

A. Yes, if the facility can project the Certification Review Course from the AMSN Online Library to a screen in a room with all the nurses present, it would function like a recorded webinar. There would be no ability to ask questions.

The group can start and stop the multimedia recording to discuss among themselves at the end of each topic. There could also be a local facilitator. Without the site license, the nurses cannot earn the associated Contact Hours.

The site license adds the ability for each nurse to review the material with the group and privately. To earn the associated CNE Contact Hours after viewing as a group, each nurse would need to login to their own account, redeem their site license code and complete the evaluation after they complete the review course.

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