Digital Badges & Certification Verification

Digital Badges Give Proof of Certification for Verification

Verifying certification is an essential part of the hiring process within health care organizations. It's also important for certificants to have possession of proof of their hard work and their accomplishment of certification.

Verification allows nurses to easily and accurately provide their credentials to current and potential employers, and assures hiring managers that their staff, new hires and applicants have earned their CMSRN certification as indicated.

We offer two methods to verification for all certifications. Digital Badges and a Certification Verification Form.  Scroll down this page for information on both of these options.

Digital Badges

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is an online representation of accomplishment such as earning the CMSRN certification. It is a credible source and an easy way for others to verify your certification. Digital badges can be shared online through your social media accounts and can be added to your email signature.

Graphic of Digital Badge for CertificationWhy use a digital badge?

A digital badge acknowledges your achievements more quickly by having the ability to share in a matter of minutes. It informs your peers and employers of the knowledge, skills and competencies you have within your professional practice, all by successfully passing the certification exam.

How do I use my digital badge?

It’s simple! Once you become certified, you will receive an email from AMSN with a link to our digital badge partner, BadgeCert, where you can claim your badge. Share your badge with your employer and add it to your social media accounts, email signature, resume', LinkedIn profile, and more. Be proud and show everyone your achievement!

I still need a paper certificate. What do I do?

After claiming your digital badge, you can print a paper copy of your certificate whenever you need it, right from the BadgeCert site.

Is the digital badge information accurate?

Absolutely! MSNCB maintains certification information so you can trust that it is accurate and reliable.

How Do I Retrieve and Use My Digital Badge?

  • Credential holders must retrieve their digital badge from our partner, BadgeCert.
  • Shortly after an individual becomes certified, an email is sent to your  email address with instructions to claim your badge.
  • Contact us for assistance if you need a new email to claim your badge.
  • After claiming the badge, the credential holder can then share their badge through their BadgeCert account via email or social media.
  • Clicking on the digital badge will safely and securely provide the credential holder’s latest certification data including status, issue and expiration dates and skills needed to achieve your credential.

After changing the badge, the credential holder may download and print a PDF of their certificate. The printed certificate includes the expiration date.

Certification Verification Form

The easiest and quickest way to show proof of your certification is by sharing your digital badge. If needed, a verification form can be completed and returned to the National Office. This request allows the credential holder to receive proof of certification on MSNCB letterhead. It is up to the candidate to assist the other party in obtaining the verification report.

  1. Credential holder must request a Certification Verification Form from the National Office or use the third party's form.
  2. Complete the candidate portion of the form along with signature and submit it to your party requesting the verification.
  3. The party requesting the information will submit the verification form along with payment information to the National Office.
  4. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing. The completed letter will include candidate’s name, certification number, and certification start and end dates. The letter will be sent via email to the requesting party. Candidates will receive a copy of this email for their records.

Please note there is a $20 fee for verification processing.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about Certification.

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