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AMSN has many products and programs to assist health care organizations and facilities to develop their medical-surgical nursing staff. Navigate this section to learn about the ways we can help you promote the career development of your nurses and meet patient care goals within your organization.

Getting Your Nurses Certified

Are you considering supporting your nurses in their pursuit of certification? Do you foster a professional environment where certification is encouraged and rewarded? Here are some of the reasons you should be promoting certification in all your medical-surgical nurses.

  • Certified nurses have a positive impact on patient care and patient safety
  • Employing certified nurses validates to patients and families that your nursing staff have obtained a high level of experience, knowledge, and skills
  • A facility staffed by certified nurses, in turn, attracts more qualified nurses
  • Employers who support nurses in certification and education benefit from a higher nurse retention rate
  • Certified nurses are essential to achieving and maintaining American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet® Recognition

Support Your Nurses Financially and Emotionally in their Pursuit of Certification (FailSafe Certification Program)

Are you encouraging your nurses to become Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurses (CMSRNs)? Are they nervous and hesitant about becoming certified? We have a program to help both the health care facility and the nurse. FailSafe organizations do not have to pay if a nurse is unsuccessful on the first CMSRN attempt!

Learn more about the MSNCB FailSafe Certification Program and sign up today!

Preparing Your Nurses to Become Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurses (CMSRNs)

Are you looking for a way to help prepare your nurses for certification? AMSN provides two methods for facilities, hospitals and health systems to offer the AMSN Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification (CRC) Review Course to their nurses who are preparing for certification. Both methods provide nurses taking the medical-surgical certification exam with review material designed to increase your nursing staff’s chance for success. The content is based on the CMSRN exam blueprint and is also ideal for nurses who desire a refresher course or who are transitioning from another area into medical-surgical nursing.

Host the CRC or Purchase a Site License

AMSN’s eLearning CRC can also be found in AMSN’s Certification Bundles

The Essential Certification Prep Bundle

The Essential Certification Prep Bundle contains the Online CMSRN Certification Review Course and Prep Test for a discounted price just for institutions!

The Online CMSRN Certification Review Course is an interactive and comprehensive study reviewing the most common diseases, symptoms, and issues seen in patients by medical-surgical nurses, along with the respective nursing assessments and interventions. Lessons include practice questions like those found on the Medical-Surgical Certification Exam.

The Prep Test offers realistic exam questions. This 150-question practice test can be completed as a practice exam or taken in short 10-question quizzes covering the six knowledge domains. This way nurses can fit in exam preparation whatever time is available. This product even offers detailed and personalized reports to help a nurse analyze their strengths and weakness!

This perfect pair lets learn, assess for knowledge gaps, and revisit the material easy.

Institutional Pricing:

Number of Licenses Non-Member Discount Price
10-40 $211 20% $169
41-70 $211 25% $158
71-100 $211 30% $147
>100 $211 35% $137

The Complete Certification Bundle

This bundle is the ultimate CMSRN preparation package.

Along with the Online CMSRN Certification Review Course and Prep Test, this bundle includes a few additional study materials, the Review Questions, and Core Curriculum. All for a discounted price!

The Review Questions book contains 345 multiple choice questions that follow the same format as the items on the CMSRN exam. This book includes an answer sheet and rationales for correct answers.

If nurses want or need to dive deeper into the exam material, the Core Curriculum for Medical-Surgical Nursing will help them do that! This in-depth resource is a perfect companion to the Review Questions and Certification Review Courses.

With these four different ways to practice and learn, a nurse can feel confident in having the resources they need to get ready for the CMSRN Exam.

Institutional Pricing:

Number of Licenses Non-Member Discount Price
10-40 $338 20% $270
41-70 $338 25% $254
71-100 $338 30% $237
>100 $338 35% $218

To purchase either of these bundles, please contact AMSN Business Solutions for assistance.

Medical-Surgical Nursing Competencies

Coming in the spring of 2021, AMSN is rolling out the first consolidated set of medical-surgical nursing competencies. These competencies were designed to be measurable, tied to organizational outcomes and contain soft-skill measurement utilizing non-cognitive competency assessment with the Big 5 Personality Test.

AMSN’s competency model measures competency at the emerging, established and expert levels of medical-surgical nursing. You will be able to use the competencies to measure various facets individual nurses' performance and achievement of organizational outcomes.

Prior to the launch of this competency model, we will offer a step-by-step guide, interactive workshops, and online seminars so that you have the tools, background and information to help guide you and your nurses with the rollout of the new Medical-Surgical Nursing Competencies developed by AMSN.

NOTE: If you want to be notified as soon as these offerings are available, please contact us to be added to our Workforce Solutions mailing list!

COVID-19 Staffing Resources

We understand that COVID-19 has disrupted your workplace and AMSN is here to support you and your staff during this very trying time. AMSN developed three resources to assist you best utilize your staff during COVID-19.

  • Staff self-assessment

This self-assessment is a survey your contingent or travel staff can take to help you determine their competency level and where to place them and how best to utilize them on your medical-surgical units

  • Staffing model

This staffing model is based on a team nursing approach and allows you to manage your workforce and workload during the pandemic

  • Educational pocket resource

To help your staff that might be floating to or assigned to your unit during COVID-19, AMSN has assembled a pocket resource of medical-surgical content they are likely to need during this time

Visit our COVID-19 Staffing Resources page to access the toolkit.

Recognition for Your Practice Unit (AMSN PRISM Award®)

"as a magnet coordinator, you are able to take the document the nurses submitted for the amsn prism award, and turn it into several different categories of evidence for a magnet document submission. sometimes medical-surgical units have difficulty producing stories or improvement outcomes but the Amsn prism award helps them focus on their strengths and develop in ares of improvement that easily translate as evidence for your magnet journey. "   Jennifer Kennedy, previous magnet coordinator

The AMSN PRISM Award is a unit-based award co-sponsored by AMSN and MSNCB. PRISM stands for Premier Recognition In the Specialty of Med-surg. The AMSN PRISM Award provides special recognition to the exemplary practice of medical-surgical units. Each application undergoes a blinded peer-review from an expert committee.

Often, medical-surgical units do not get recognized for their hard work, excellent teamwork and dedication to their patients. The AMSN PRISM award is a great way to motivate your medical-surgical staff to help demonstrate their units’ excellence. 

The AMSN PRISM Award is a great way to provide and motivate your nurses to foster improvement designed specifically for medical-surgical units.

The AMSN PRISM Award process and application is also a great way to identify and pull data and stories for facilities on the Magnet or Pathway to Excellence Journey. 

This award puts the nurses in the driver seat to make meaningful changes on their unit to strive for an award the recognizes their unique strengths. It also helps improve patient and staff satisfaction. 

The PRISM application provides medical-surgical nurses with the road map for professional development growth in leadership, implementing evidence-based practice changes, recruitment and retention, and establishing and maintaining a healthy practice environment.

Find out more about the AMSN PRISM Award to be recognized for the hard work and dedication to excellence your unit exemplifies.

Professional Development for Your Staff

AMSN has numerous methods of education to meet the professional development needs of your medical-surgical nurses. Educational offerings range from on-demand webinars and recorded convention sessions on a variety of topics relevant for medical-surgical nurses to AMSN’s Master Series, a set of assessment-based certificate programs to build specific topic-related expertise in your staff.

All our educational programs are available to institutions and facilities to bring AMSN education to you and your nurses, on-demand and when you need it.

Finding the Right Staff

The AMSN Career Center can help you find the staff with the qualifications you are looking for in your medical-surgical nursing staff. With over 13,000 members, you can reach medical-surgical nurses with a variety of experience levels and practice settings. Post your jobs to AMSN’s career center to find the talent you need for your organization! 


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