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You've met the criteria and eligibility and now it's time to prep for the CMSRN exam!  We have compiled a diverse group of prep materials for every kind of learner. The Prep Test is a fun, interactive way to check your skill set, but we also offer information on Certification Review Courses near you.

We offer free learning aides such as the exam blueprint, sample test questions, and our resource list. See below for all the support we offer you, to help you be your best on test day!

CMSRN Prep Test

Only have 10 minutes or want to test your knowledge 10 questions at a time? The CMSRN Prep
Test is your solution!

MSNCB has partnered with Test Run to offer you an on-the-go, real test question platform that
offers detailed and personalized reports to help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses

CMSRN Prep Test! Prep for the CMSRN Exam Easily!

What is Prep Test? Watch this video to find out what to expect from the CMSRN Prep Test.



  • Questions custom designed by a dedicated group of CMSRN credentialed professionals
    throughout the medical-surgical profession.
  • Realistic exam questions from each of the relevant exam categories based on the
    CMSRN exam blueprint.
  • Customize your experience. You can take a full 150-question practice exam, or you can
    take a short 10-question quiz in any of the six knowledge domains.
  • This unique platform allows you to see feedback in each of the six knowledge domains
    in the CMSRN exam content outline..

About the Prep Test

  • The practice test is one set of 150 multiple-choice questions that can be customized to your study needs.
  • Unlimited access with a 3-month, $65 subscription

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These resources do not include actual examination questions and are not a requirement to sit for the actual CMSRN certification examination. These resources are not the only or preferred route to adequate preparation. Using these study resources do not imply advantage or successful performance on the examination.

CMSRN Exam Blueprint (FREE)

Learn what will be on the CMSRN exam by reviewing the CMSRN exam blueprint.

CMSRN Certification Review Course (CRC)

You can take the CMSRN CRC to prepare for the exam. There are many options for how and where you can do this.

AMSN offers a live/virtual CRC course, which brings a certification expert to you! This two-day course is a great way for facilities to prepare their med-surg nurses for the exam! This course covers a variety of medical issues med-surg nurses handle and test preparation strategies. It is a great opportunity to encourage unity and excitement for certification and provides test-takers the chance to ask all their questions to an expert.

If you are looking to set your own pace for studying, AMSN also offers an Online Certification Review Course. This course is a thorough, interactive review of the most common diseases, symptoms, and issues seen in patients by med-surg nurses, along with the respective required nursing assessments and interventions.

These lessons include practice questions at the end of each section like those found on the Medical-Surgical Certification Exam. AMSN also offers this product with other certification prep materials in two product bundle packages. You can find these bundles in the AMSN Store!

To learn more about these review courses, visit our CRC page!

Core Curriculum for Medical-Surgical Nursing (5th Edition)

Presented in an easy-to-use topic and outline format, the Core Curriculum for Medical-Surgical Nursing is your go-to guide for medical-surgical nursing, best practices, and exam preparation. The Core Curriculum is a great in-depth resource that complements the other certification products, such as the Review Questions and Certification Review Courses.

The Core Curriculum is also a great textbook for residency programs and new nurses. It will help them better prepare for bedside nursing and get them prepped to take their boards when they meet criteria. Individuals can create an account and purchase this book in the AMSN Online Library.

For bulk orders, please contact Customer Service for assistance, at

Review Questions

Start your studies for the certification exam with this book of 345 multiple choice items that follow the same format as the items on the CMSRN exam from MSNCB.

The Review Questions includes rationales for correct answers in the back. It is designed to assist medical-surgical nurses in assessing their knowledge of the practice of medical-surgical nursing.

Book includes an Answer Sheet so that you can take a practice test then grade yourself using the Answers section. It is an invaluable resource to help you prepare for the CMSRN examination.

AMSN Certification Prep Bundles

AMSN certification preparation materials offer candidates with resources to assist them in preparing for the CMSRN exam. By purchasing them in a bundle, test-takers can have all the prep materials they need at one low price.

The Essential Certification Prep Bundle

This prep bundle includes the CRC eLearning program and a 3-month subscription to Prep Test.


  AMSN Member Price Standard Price
eLearning CRC $149 $199
Prep Test $65 $65
Individually Priced Total $214 $264
Bundle Discount 20% 20%
Essential Bundle $172 $211

This perfect pair lets individuals learn, assess for knowledge gaps, revisit the material, and test again.

Purchase the Essential Certification Prep Bundle

The Complete Certification Bundle

This prep bundle includes the CRC eLearning program, the Review Questions, the Core Curriculum and Prep Test.

Individual Pricing:

  AMSN Member Price Standard Price
eLearning CRC $149 $199
Prep Test $65 $65
Review Questions $34 $39
Core Curriculum $89 $119
Individually Priced Total $337 $422
Bundle Discount 20% 20%
Complete Bundle $270 $338

With these four different ways to practice and learn, individuals can feel confident in having the resources they need to get ready for the CMSRN Exam.

Purchase the Complete Certification Bundle

Institutional pricing
Institutional pricing for both bundles can be found on AMSN’s Workforce Solutions page. 

Sample Test Questions (FREE)

If you are thinking about taking the CMSRN exam and are curious about the kinds of questions that will appear, this resource will help you prepare with several example questions.

Learn About Specific Topics Covered on the Exam

Visit our extensive topics page to explore educational content related to body systems and practice and patient management.

Reference List

These references were used in the development of the CMSRN examination.

The following references are used in the development of the CMSRN examination.


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