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Medical-Surgical Nurses Week

7Medical-Surgical Nurses Week is Your Special Time to Shine

AMSN designates November 1-7 to celebrate medical-surgical nurses just like you.This year, be sure to use the hashtag #MSNW20 so we can find your posts, and share your med-surg pride!

What's on Tap for This Week?

We don't want to ruin all of the surprises, but be sure to check your emails, our social media channels, and our AMSN Connect app to get updates and get in on the fun, prizes, giveaways, surprises, support, and education we have planned for you!

Download our AMSN Connect app during this week for some goodies! Go to Google Play (Android) or the Apple store (iPhone).

Med-Surg Nurses Week Daily Topics


Sunday, Nov 1: We Support YOU!

Monday, Nov 2: Coping Through COVID-19

Tuesday, Nov 3: Healthy Practice

Wednesday, Nov 4: Med-Surg Advocacy as A Power Tool


Thursday, Nov 5: Free 12 Hour "Ask the Expert" Session for All our Nurses


  • 9 AM EST - with Andie Melendez/ Topic: Confronting Bullying: Having  Difficult Conversations

  • 10 AM EST - with Beth Quatrara / Topic: Nutrition

  • 11 AM EST - with Jill Arzouman / Topic: Understanding and Implementing EBP in Your Practice

  • 12 PM EST - with Kristi Reguin-Harman / Topic: Coaching/Mentoring: What’s the Difference and How Can it Help You?

  • 1 PM EST - with Ron Martin/ Topic:  PRISM: How to Approach the PRISM Application

  • 2 PM EST -  with Jennifer Kennedy / Topic:  Shared Governance: What is it and How does it work?

  • 3 PM EST - with Summer Bryant / Topic: How to get involved in your professional Association

  • 4 PM EST - with Cynthia Rothenberger and Jacqueline Savalle / Topic: Transition to Practice: Fighting Imposter Syndrome and Feeling Like a Nurse

  • 5 PM EST -  with Marisa Streelman / Topic: Leadership Pathways

  • 6 PM EST - with Tuesday Adams / Topic: Nurse Residency Programs

  • 7 PM EST - with Linda Yoder / Topic: Research and Quality Improvement: Understanding the Difference

  •  8 PM EST -  with Connor Wesley / Topic: LGBTQIA Issues

Friday, Nov 6- Self-Care

Saturday, Nov 7 - How are You Improving Your Professional Practice?


    More Ways to Celebrate being a Med-Surg Nurse


    MSN Rock!

    Ideas for Celebrating at Your Facility

    Here are a few of our suggestions, we hope they inspire more ideas from you.

    • Purchase "I love med-surg nursing" merchandise for your nurses at the AMSN Store.
    • Bring in meals for your nurses as a treat during their shift.
    • Post celebratory signs in your med-surg unit.
    • Print and distribute certificates recognizing the contributions your nurses make every day.
    • Surprise your nurses with AMSN membership, nothing says thank you than free education.



    Bedside nurse

    Talking About Medical-Surgical Nursing with the Media

    When someone asks how medical-surgical nurses make a difference, remind them that we:

    • Improve patient care through evidence-based practice.
    • Advocate for patients and families at the local and national levels.
    • Serve their communities through care and education.
    • Build the profession of nursing and the medical-surgical nursing specialty.
    • Promote medical-surgical nursing certification, resulting in better and safer health care.
    • Speak, write, and conduct research to inspire and educate others.
    • Mentor and nurture each other.
    • Use #MSNW20



    Ideas for Celebrating in Your Community - Spread the word!

    • Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and use the hashtag #MSNW20!
      • (We hold contests throughout the week based on who's sharing on social media!)
    • Submit an article about medical-surgical nursing to your facility newsletter before Medical-Surgical Nurses Week or contact your local newspaper.
    • Invite local or state legislators to tour your facility during the week so they better understand the role of medical-surgical nurses.



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