Where’s the AMSN HUB?


If you’re looking for the HUB, don’t worry!

The HUB is unavailable right now.

We’re replacing it with a more responsive program that better fits the needs of AMSN—as well as all our members, volunteers, and committees.

This summer, expect a new and exciting version of the AMSN HUB!

We’re working with a company called Forj to create a custom-built and custom-focused platform that can help us connect with all of you—and that can help all of you, our members, connect with each other.

We want to make it easier for us to engage with you, and all our members!

There are many reasons why we’ve paused the current version of the HUB, but a few stand out most clearly. The HUB is a useful tool, and one that we’ve used for quite some time. However, we want to do more with the HUB than the current version is capable of. 

We want to make it easier for us to engage with you, and all our members. We want to be able to provide you with better networking opportunities and support. We want to give you new ways to learn and retain professional knowledge that will help you practice more effectively.

We know that the new HUB will provide all of these and more. When we say this is an upgrade, we mean it!

How Do I Ask Clinical Practice Questions Now?

You CAN still contact the Educational Committee for subject-matter expertise!

If you have clinical practice questions you want answered, you can submit your question here. You will receive a response via email.

Unfortunately, you should expect some delay. With the HUB paused, receiving answers from the Educational Committee may take more time. This is temporary and will be resolved when the new HUB relaunches better than ever!

Thank you for your patience—we can’t wait until we can show you the new HUB.

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