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AMSN Supports Research to Generate Knowledge and Evidence that Improves Patient Care and Medical-Surgical Nursing Practice


On these pages you can find more information on the research priority agenda for AMSN as well as details on how to conduct research with AMSN or recruit AMSN members for your research project.

AMSN Sponsored Research

AMSN places calls from time-to-time for researchers to partner with us on research projects we undertake to advance the knowledge of medical-surgical nursing practice.

AMSN is currently funding the following studies:


Clinical Leadership Development Program (CLDP)

Despite the perceived leadership crisis among frontline nurses, few studies have objectively and rigorously examined the actual leadership practices and competencies of this population.

Moreover, an optimal curriculum with evidence-based teaching/learning strategies for clinical leadership development has not been established. Few leadership development programs, to include the AMSN CLDP, have been sufficiently evaluated for their effect on leadership behaviors of frontline nurses. Therefore, stakeholders interested in resolving the frontline leadership crisis have little evidence to guide program development or selection.

This study will help close the gap in knowledge about the range of leadership development needs and behaviors among frontline medical-surgical nurses and the effects of the AMSN CLDP.

AMSN Grant Funding

AMSN offers two types of grant funding:

  1. Nursing Research Grant

    The purpose of this grant is to support medical-surgical nursing research conducted by beginning or advanced researchers.
  2. Cecelia Gatson Grindle Evidence-Based Practice Grant

    This grant supports evaluation of practice changes in medical-surgical nursing that have been developed using an evidence-based practice approach conducted by both beginning and experienced investigators.

Learn More About AMSN Grants.

Recruit for Your Research

Medical-surgical nurses are a large, diverse, and important population to include in your research. If you are interested in having AMSN members and or CMSRN certified nurses participate in your research study, please follow the link below to learn the details about recruiting AMSN members and/or CMSRN certified nurses to participate in your study. You can recruit for your research here.

Participate in Open Research Studies

We only distribute study participation requests that we believe will benefit our members and medical-surgical nursing. If you see an invitation to participate in a research study via an email, on our website, or posted on our social media pages, be assured that this study has been vetted and approved by our Research Team. We encourage you to participateyour voice counts!

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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