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Becoming an advocate for med-surg nursing issues has never been easier with the AMSN Legislative Action Center (LAC) 

Here are some tips about the LAC, to help you raise your voice in the legislation of important issues affecting med-surg nurses:


Q: What does the Legislative Action Center do?

A: The AMSN Legislative Action Center enables you to contact your federal and state legislators and other officials and advocate for AMSN med-surg nursing policy issues. It may also enable you to build support for AMSN issues via common social media platforms.

Q: How do I know what our issues are now, and what to say?

A: The AMSN Legislative Team, made up of med-surg nurses, and AMSN staff prepare the AMSN Legislative Action Center so that only our current issues appear. The system enables you to click through to find your legislators using your street address, and to write or call them with suggested text or in your own words. Suggested text is faster; in your own words is always more effective.

Q: One or more of my legislators isn’t appearing on the AMSN Legislative Action Center. Why?

A: Sometimes AMSN issues calls-to-action focused on reaching only specific legislators, such as members of a single committee preparing to vote. In that circumstance, you might see some but not all your legislators - or none. It’s okay. The system is working properly.

Q: Does emailing my legislators on a system like this make our voice heard?

A: Every voice matters! The AMSN Legislative Action Center helps members build professional relationships with their local elected officials. Those professional relationships are the most effective method of professional advocacy for med-surg nursing and AMSN issues.

Q: I want to write a legislator in another district or state than where I live. How can I do that?

A: The AMSN Legislative Action Center is set up so that you can write only your own legislators, who represent you in your own state or in Washington, DC. Legislators generally ignore grassroots communications from outside their constituency.

Q: How does the AMSN Legislative Action Center post on social media, or submit letters to the editor to my local news outlets?

A: In some instances, the AMSN Legislative Action Center is set up to allow you to write or call your legislator - and to post a friendly advocacy message under your name to that legislator on social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. The system will only post with your permission - never without your permission - and only after it is linked with your own social media accounts. Likewise, the system is sometimes set up to allow you to write a letter to the editor of news outlets near you. Social media and letters to the editor, written clearly and with professionalism, can support your advocacy efforts on behalf of AMSN.

Q: What else can it do?

A: The AMSN Legislative Action Center tracks legislation important to AMSN and med-surg nursing, and allows you to learn more about your local elected officials.

Q: Does the AMSN Legislative Action Center have voter information?

A: No. Nor does AMSN endorse or oppose any candidate for elective office. The AMSN Legislative Action Center has only public information about legislators and about AMSN public policy issues for med-surg nursing.

Q: I am having a technical problem. Where’s help?

A: The AMSN website HELP button connects you via email to AMSN personnel who can address the problem. Please be mindful AMSN has a small technical staff. Requests for help should get a response the same or next business day.

Please visit the Help Center with any questions you may have about Advocacy.

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