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Invite Medical-Surgical Nurses to Participate in Your Research

AMSN members and CMSRN certified nurses are a valuable population for many researchers. We encourage you to contact our members, inviting them to take your research survey. Research survey invitations are sent a maximum of two times a month by AMSN to our members. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for your request to be approved and processed by AMSN, so the sooner you apply the better!

How to Apply to Send a Research Survey Invitation to AMSN Members

1. Complete the online application. When you follow the link you will be taken to our online application portal. There, a first-time user must create an account. If you are a previous user you will need to log in. Then navigate to the “Get Your Survey Out There” application. You do not have to complete your application in one session—you can return to the site at any time.

Highlights of information requested in the application:

  •   Your contact information
  •   Survey title, description, etc.
  •   Research proposal, IRB approval documents
  •   Desired distribution channels, including: eblast to AMSN members, posting on AMSN Hub, listing on AMSN website, messages on AMSN social media platforms

2. Confirmation.  You will receive a confirmation email from AMSN staff after your application has been submitted.

3. Review period. Your application will be sent to the AMSN Research Team for review and approval. Your materials will be reviewed within ten (10) business days of receipt. Studies are approved based on content and applicability to med-surg nursing practice. You may be asked to clarify or provide additional information by our review team prior to approval.

4. Approval.  Upon approval, you will receive an email from AMSN staff. We will then work with you to schedule and execute your invitation through our various channels.

5. Results. Members are interested in the results of the studies in which they participate. Therefore, AMSN will follow up with you to provide a summary of your results for dissemination to our members.


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Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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